visual development

I decided to develop my own personal project so I based my designs off of a familiar fairytale, Little Red Riding Hood.  The story setting is based in tropical jungles of Brazil, South America,  through which my young heroine must travel to find the medicine to save her loving grandmother.

Menina, which means "little girl" in Portuguese, loves venturing into the rainforest to collect exotic plants and herbs with her grandmother. She is close to her grandmother Avo, until one day she falls ill and Menina needs to venture deep into the dark woods to find the flower that will save her Avo. 


Avo's home

Little Red's grandmother, "Avo" lives in a small cozy cottage in Brazil, South America. Avo spends most of her time crocheting things for the people around her village. She also loves gardening and growing herbs to make spices and medicine.

Later on, Little Red bravely ventures from her home village into the dark woods, so she can deliver medicine to her sick grandmother.