Honk Honk Quack is a children's board book published by Cottage Door Press, about a little Duck who loves to go fast! Inspired by Hollywood movies, Duck drives wildly down roads, unaware of traffic laws, but he is able to "Honk, Honk, Quack!" Duck jumps ahead of the usual learning curve for new drivers and immediately hits the roads zipping around with his new car, causing a little mayhem while he's at it!

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Firenze's Light

My artistic style today has always been influenced by children's books artists that I grew up with such as Mary Blair and the Provensens. I hoped that one day I would publish my own and many years later I finally did. Firenze's Light is a children's book I created illustrations for over a year and a half.

Firenze's Light follows the journey of a little firefly who is too afraid to shine her light. She covers her light with her skirt until one day she meets a friend who encourages her to share her gifts. Firenze  finds that she must decide if she will hide her light or let it shine for everyone to see!


The Classy Crook's Club

The project started off with sketches exploring different ideas, which led to a more detailed drawing, color thumbnails, and the final color. 

The project started off with sketches exploring different ideas, which led to a more detailed drawing, color thumbnails, and the final color. 

Last spring I was commissioned to work on a middle-grade book Classy Crooks Club for a major publisher, Simon & Schuster. It was a fun story about a young girl who joins her grandmother in a secret heist club, made up of the unlikeliest band of thieves.

"Twelve-year-old AJ dreads spending an entire month living with her strict Grandma Jo. Grandma Jo wants nothing more than to transform her adventurous, fun-loving granddaughter into a prim and proper lady. But AJ’s dull summer takes a sharp turn when she discovers that her grandmother's "bridge group" is actually a heist club. But even the most respectable ladies can hide truly surprising secrets, and AJ finds she must decide for herself what it means to be one of the good guys."


Crushing it

Crushing It is a middle-grade book for publisher Simon & Schuster about plain-jane Kat, who tries to help her best friend Olivia get together with Tyler, the boy next door. Now that Olivia’s caught Tyler’s attention, Kat has to wonder if she’s fooled Tyler into falling for the wrong girl!

"Twelve-year-old Kat woos the boy next door on behalf of her best friend, and in the process realizes that true beauty—and true confidence—comes from the inside."


Willows Vs. Wolverines


Willows Vs. Wolverines is a middle-grade book about Izzy Cervantes and her best friend, Mackenzie, who have spent their summers together at Camp Sweetwater since they were 8. Everything goes well until they get sent off to a different camp, and worse yet, different cabins! Izzy feels like an outsider at her new camp until she joins in a classic boys vs. girls prank war between the Willows and the Wolverines. Fun ensues until she becomes so focused on impressing her new friends that she starts neglecting Mackenzie, putting her friendship in jeopardy. 

Can Izzy keep the truth under wraps and win her best friend back, or will she end up on the wrong side of her allies as well as her enemies?